Cort Dial

Licensed Agent

With over three decades coaching top-tier professionals globally and authoring the acclaimed book "Heretics to Heroes: A Memoir on Modern Leadership," Cort transitioned in 2016 from executive consultancy to the realm of retirement coaching. Focusing specifically on individuals approaching retirement or those already retired, Cort’s expertise aids those concerned about potential market setbacks, hefty tax burdens, and the daunting possibility of outliving their financial resources. His mission: optimizing the benefits from the hard-earned savings of his clients.

Cort’s unique approach lies in crafting legacies and ensuring a fulfilling retirement lifestyle. He stands out not just for his vast knowledge but for his genuine concern about his clients’ aspirations and his exceptional listening skills. He emphasizes the importance of an informed retirement strategy, drawing attention to the common tendency of individuals to emulate the retirement plans of previous generations out of unawareness of the myriad of options available today. In his words, “Most approach retirement mimicking their ancestors simply because they aren’t acquainted with the diverse opportunities at their disposal."

Holding a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Oklahoma State University, Cort is now recognized as a prominent Wealth and Retirement Coach. He extends his advisory services through Smarter With Money, LLC. Licensed across numerous states including AZ, CA, FL, GA, LA, MS, MO, NV, OK, PA, TX, and VA, Cort is widely accessible. He currently resides in Round Rock, Texas, a stone's throw from Austin, sharing his home with his wife, Julie, and enjoying their children Katy, Trent, and Charlie, and their beloved grandchildren Max, Jake, Evie, and Peter.