Jeffrey Gill

Licensed Agent

A seasoned financial advisor, has been assisting clients with retirement income planning and legacy planning since 2001. Joining a major financial planning firm, Jeff is equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape, which inspired him to establish an independent practice in 2004.

At 18, he watched his father struggle after being downsized in his late 40’s by a fortune 500 company. He ended up taking jobs at a 1/3 of his previous salary just to make ends meet. His father had never made a financial plan, and this was evident then as he had debt and little saved outside his pension. He believed that his employer would be there for his pension retirement and never planned differently. This molded the way Jeff looks at financial planning and he works with his clients to create a plan that will give them financial freedom.

Financial Freedom does not mean sitting on the beach or driving fancy cars. To Jeff it means freedom of choice. The choice in who you work for, the choice in what you do and the power to provide for yourself and family with dignity. He works with is clients to build a plan that puts his clients in control of their financial future by eliminating debt, maximizing wealth calculation, retirement income planning and legacy planning for future generations.

Away from the office, Jeff is a dedicated husband to Sarah and a proud father of five children. He has a profound love for the outdoors, harmonizing perfectly with the family’s life on a small farm in North Georgia.

Jeff has a Life/ Health license in all 50 states, and he focuses on helping Americans working in the public and military sector plan for their Financial Freedom Date.