Michaelyn Farmer

Licensed Agent

Michaelyn’s career was in high tech manufacturing planning and materials management. She began her career in Silicon Valley, CA, then transferred to Austin, TX in 1994 where she worked at Applied Materials and Silicon Labs. After taking an early retirement package, she realized the importance of retirement planning and began the journey to get her Texas insurance license so that she could help others prepare for their retirement. In the past 6 years, she has been a referral agent for Cort Dial, who is now a member of the Alto family.


On a personal note, Michaelyn enjoys playing golf in her spare time and continues to compete at a high level in women’s senior golf events. Her primary support comes from her daughter, who is a registered nurse in one of Austin’s main emergency rooms. 


Michaelyn comes from a family of teachers and nurses and understands the importance of helping those who are dedicated to helping others. Her passion is to provide support and guidance for individuals to learn about ways to prepare for retirement at any stage of their life.