Miri Wilkins

Licensed Agent

Miri recognizes the importance of an in-depth understanding of retirement planning and  knows working with a professional who will guide you to your best options is one of the  key decisions on your successful financial journey. A graduate of the University of  Texas in Austin with a bachelor's degree in languages, Miri possesses a strong  intellectual curiosity which has led her to continuously seek both personal and  professional growth. These skills led her to excel as a Global Advisor with Engel &  Volkers earning the trust of her clients and to successfully negotiating the purchase and  sale of luxury homes in a competitive market landscape.  

Miri is a friendly professional known for building strong working relationships through respectful communication. Her dedication to educating and supporting others in their  growth led her to share her experiences in the best-selling book “Becoming A Local  Leader”. As an experienced realtor, she represented clients with complex financial  situations and became deeply aware of the vital role that enhanced financial knowledge  plays in making informed decisions. This realization led her to prioritize financial  education, both for herself and her clients and to transition into a career as a financial  professional. Miri is dedicated to her clients’ care and interests and exemplifies unwavering integrity, diligent work ethic, and personalized service. She holds life  insurance licenses in several states- IL, MI, TX, CA, CO, WI, IO, OH, PA, IA, and is also  fluent in Spanish (native speaker). 

Currently residing in Chicago with her partner, Brad, Miri is the proud parent of two sons, Griffin and Layne, and stepparent to her daughter, Taylor. She is passionate about  The Arts in all facets and has served on Boards, held Leadership positions, and successfully Chaired fundraising efforts often exceeding set goals. She has also worked as a freelance Features Writer, Director of Arts and Culture, and Special Events Coordinator and a freelance editor for Origin Magazine. As a passion project, she wrote, produced and directed an award-winning documentary short Kilometer 0, Life In The Shadow of Notre Dame.  

Miri is dedicated to serve a world woefully uneducated in the necessary skills to build  healthy financial futures. She knows it is a privilege to serve those who tirelessly  dedicate their time to make the world a better place.