Shaun McCarty


Shaun McCarty is focused on education and helping families achieve their desired retirement lifestyles and create their legacies. Mr. McCarty is great at this role because he cares about their personal needs and goals. His clients repeatedly state how he broke down their retirement into simple, discernible ideas. He is dedicated and driven, overcoming any obstacle that has been put in his way to make sure that his clients are well served. Mr. McCarty comes from a restaurant management background, where pennies really do count. He learned budgeting by costing out menus for multiple restaurants as well as working on monthly profit and loss sheets. Mr. McCarty is a constant student of his craft and never stops pushing himself to learn the ever-changing industry of finance. 

Mr. McCarty is Life Insurance & Annuity licensed in DC, PA, NC, VA, DE, WV, GA, TX, WS, ID, NA, and Maryland, where he lives with his wife Jennifer, an Occupational Therapist working in a special needs school, and their teenage daughter.